Keeping Up with the Car Chasers by Brian Hoff

Book Description: The Most Dysfunctional Dog Family in Furrywood!

Welcome to the lifestyles of the rich and furriest in the infamous  town of Furrywood Hills. Celebrities, fast cars, mansions, more  scandals and drama than you could count on four paws – and that’s just  The Barkingtons, the most dysfunctional dog family in Furrywood!  Margaret Barkington, former Broadway actress, now a romance novelist is  matriarch to this wild dog family of Car-Chasers!

VOLUME 1 “Peace & Quiet”

All Margie wants is some peace and quiet so she can read a book she’s been really excited about. Unfortunately, peace and quiet doesn’t come easy in the Barkington household.

VOLUME 2 “The Gift”

Billy accidentally causes his friend Rocko to have an accident, meaning Rocko’s birthday party gets cancelled. Billy tries to think of a gift he can get Rocko to make it up to him. Meanwhile, Bob readies himself for his most daring stunt yet.

VOLUME 3 “New Neighbors”

The Barkingtons learn valuable lessons on tolerance when a family of city cats move in next door. Unfortunately, Grandpa Max and Arthur, stuck in their old way, refuse to accept cats in their neighborhood and start a Doggie Pride movement.

VOLUME 4 “Road Trip”

It’s summer vacation and The Barkingtons take a road trip to the national parks! Escaping the city to experience the beauty of nature while discovering the importance of protecting the environment for future generations!

VOLUME 5 “Talent Show”

Suzie wins a contest and has a chance to perform on Animals Got Talent, but things do not go the way she expects them to, learning the value lesson of self-confidence.

Category: Children’s Humor

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Category: Children’s Humor

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Keeping Up with the Car Chasers by Brian Hoff

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